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The National Coalition for Healthy Black Families Welcomes You to Join the Fight

Lets build strong, healthy families in the United States of America.

Our Mission

The Vision

We know that, across the nation, within communities of color, Black Families are faced with alarming rates in racial disparities. These disparities such as poverty, educational gaps, and racial disparities in fetal, infant and maternal health, all have a heavy negative impact the quality of life for our nation. The NCHBF is a coalition of 10 cities that will pull together to build a strong resource hub for families. These resources includes adequate housing, mental and physical wellness programs, employment, and provide advocacy for families in need of support from their local institutions. We also want to educate our communities about the social determinants of health that effects us all daily. The end goal is to build strong, healthy and sustainable families by providing equitable opportunities for all to thrive.  


Housing Support

Provide a nationwide resource hub to provide housing support for families. If our families want to buy homes or simply find a nice, comfortable place to live, we will help connect families to providers such as respectable realtors and lenders. If individuals are in dire need of temporary housing, we will connect individuals to local housing facilities.

Mental and Physical Wellness Support

Instead of reinventing the wheel, all partner cities will band together to come up with and share solutions to tackle each city's social determinants of health. From the issue of fighting diabetes to ensuring all babies are born healthy and strong. We will provide a space for nutritional blog and connect families to local health professionals. We will also provide families with resources to local mental wellness programs.


Joblessness can lead to poverty, which could lead to a down-spiral of various socioeconomic symptoms that can harm the quality of life. Our goal is to be able to connect recruiters nationwide to individuals who are in need of job and/or a career. Along the way, we will connect individuals to training resources as well as higher learning institutions.  

Public Advocacy

Proper help from our legislators as well as legal support can determine a healthy livelihood for all people.  We will connect our people to professionals who will fight to ensure the best equitable amount of care for people in need.


Many people are not aware of phrases like social determinants of health and socioeconomic disparities, as well as all of the "-isms" that makes all of our lives difficult. These -isms such as racism and sexism are not inclusive to all people and does not promote equity. We want to educate all people with the tools necessary to provide an equitable quality of life for all.

“ A single tree cannot make a forest”

Nigerian Proverb


Please Contact The NCHBF for more details, to donate and or if you'd like to join.